Player Sponsors

We are encouraging our players to actively seek sponsorship for themselves this season. We are hoping that the funds raised will help to lighten the mounting bills but also allow us to prepare/meet facility requirements for future seasons.

Below are a list of players currently signed with Honley with their associated (and very kindly offered) sponsors:

Danny Knuttontbc

Richard Bray Malcolm Pickup Academy – Lockwood Park Squash
Dylan Brett Malcolm and Jean Bray
James Clapham tbc
John Elliott RRG Toyota
Terry Howe
Ben Innes Valley Plumbing and Heating
Joe Kelly Kelly Plumbing and Heating
Matthew Kelly Kellys Dog Prunning
James Knowles tbc
Daniel Knutton tbc
Ben Lindley tbc
Matthew Lorryman tbc
Phil Rigby Brambles – Holmfirth
Jordan Robinson West Riding Leisure Caravan Repairs and Servicing
Josh Rowbottom
Michael Sanderson tbc
Matthew Sykes DJ Drinks
Oliver Willets Brewfitt (Martin Brooker)